The name of the residence has a long story to tell….

Originally, there were two villages making up Tignes – Tignes Les Brevieres and Tignes itself. Both had existed since the 13th century. The first rumors that a dam was to be built in the valley began circulating in 1928 and by 1952 the ‘Barrage de Tignes’ was completed and the original town of Tignes was lost beneath the waters of the newly created Lac du Chevril.

The hydroelectric lake could, at the time, generate power for up to 10% of France. Monies paid to the community from the government in damages for the loss of Tignes helped to build the first ski lifts and buildings in the new villages of Les Boisses, Le Lac, Val Claret and Lavachet whilst Les Brevieres housed 5000 workers in a series of huts. This had earned the village the title of the ‘Wild West of Savoie’ during the construction as men came from all over France to earn fortunes only to lose them again gambling, drinking and fighting in the many temporary bars and casinos. Fortunately, once the clean-up was completed, Les Brevieres remained pretty much intact and in the 1970′s the first chair lifts were put in place.